Wednesday, January 9, 2008


October 1987. A nightclub in Dusseldorf. Michel Levaton, director of the Metropolitan model agency, is in a bad mood. He's been in Germany for two weeks and has been unsuccessful in his search for beautiful girls. (Scouting is the word used in this business.) Suddenly a girl on the dance floor catches his attention; it's Claudia! Business card in hand, he resolutely walks up to her. She thought I was trying to pick her up!'' says Levaton. He won't give up, so she gives him her phone number. The following day, they meet again in a tearoom. Claudia's mother has come along and won't hear of photos, nor of Paris. Claudia must finish school first, she insists. Several weeks and many phone calls later, Claudia goes to Paris for photo tests.

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